Photonic applications

When you are in the photonics business, assembly topics like the optical alignment, thermal performance, placement accuracy, and optical purity, are key concerns, and having it done right gives you a major benefit. The field of photonic applications offers exciting new development opportunities. The conflicting requirements of the call to continuously innovate and bring smaller products with more functionality at the right cost level faster to the market can be very challenging.

Photonic application areas

Generation, transmission, switching, modulation, amplification, and sensing of light are all areas where photonic technologies are applied. We work on the micro-assembly of optoelectronic devices and optical modules in applications areas like:

  • 3D sensing
  • OCT imaging
  • Industrial heating
  • IR or UV illumination
  • Laser (pumping)
  • Medical light therapy
  • Sensors (Doppler, photon detection, CMOS)
  • Fiber optic data communication

MEMS devices and micro assembly expertise

Micro-assembly for

Optical modules

Often an optoelectronic device or component alone is not capable of providing the functionality needed. To achieve this it has to be integrated into an optical module by adding passive optical elements like lenses, mirrors and optical fibers. Depending on the application, this process step can be very demanding on the placement accuracy and the prevention of any kind of contamination in the optical path. Our cleanroom is well equipped to handle these requirements in both prototype and volume production.

Philips Innovation Services can also provide additional assembly process steps. For example to support fiber termination or optical system assembly.

Optoelectronic devices

At the micro-assembly line, active photonic components like LEDs, lasers, VCSELs, sensors, receivers and transceivers are picked and placed on a substrate, lead frame or interposer and interconnected. All these assembly steps are performed on a broad range of state of the art industrial production equipment by highly skilled and certified personnel.

When your product requires high placement accuracy and alignment of the optical component, our high-precision production facility has the right capabilities. During development, a framework of development procedures is in place and in production we use a wide set of industry standards and tests are used to secure the high quality of your product.

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From protoyping to volume production

Built on years of experience, we have expert knowledge on industrial design rules, substrate technologies, and a complete portfolio of interconnect technologies. Our Micro Devices Facility and micro-assembly experts assemble your photonic applications, optical modules and optoelectronic devices. We offer photonics micro-assembly services from prototyping to volume production:

  1. Prototyping, design for manufacturing
  2. Process development
  3. Ramp-up, series production, full traceability (ISO 13485), life cycle management
  4. Optional transfer to EMS


Micro-assembly factory the Greenhouse Philips Innovation Services

Micro-assembly capabilities for  photonic applications

  • Material handling: thin-die, film frame carrier, tape&reel, waffle pack, gel pack, component placement
  • Non-standard form factors
  • Substrates: flex, flex-to-rigid, laminate, ceramics, lead frame, FR4, Rogers, BT, hybrids (wave guide), heatsinks
  • Die bonding techniques: thermo-compression, lead-free soldering, Au-Sn soldering, low melting SnIn/SnBi soldering, Ag-sintering, conductive and nonconductive adhesives and films (ICA, ACA, ACF, DAF), UV adhesive bonding, optical clear adhesive (OCA)
  • Interconnect: wire bonding Au, Al, reflow soldering (vacuum, nitrogen, formic acid), fine-pitch flip-chip and Cu-pillar, stud-bumping (SBB), ball placement
  • Alignment: fiber alignment, lens alignment, active alignment, lens arrays
  • Packaging: glob-top, underfill, conformal and parylene coating, dam&fill

What do you want to know about micro-assembly for photonic devices?

Imagine what could be possible when you have a reliable partner that helps accelerate your innovation program…

How to achieve a reliable thermal interface? How to achieve optical alignment with high repeatability and reliability? How to go beyond established assembly accuracy capabilities?

Does your product require a combination of conventional micro-assembly and optical technologies? Are you looking for a partner that can bring your idea from prototype to production?

Our micro-assembly experts are here to think along with you and to accelerate your innovation with clever design. We have a long history working on photonic devices, and we are ready to share our micro-assembly services with you.

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Time to Volume 

When you come to us with your product or prototype design, typically the all information related to the product itself is well known. The micro-assembly process information that defines how to make the product is not part of the product documentation yet. This is where our expertise comes in. We help you improve the product design for manufacturability.

Next, we develop the manufacturing process and based on the critical-to-quality parameters collaborate on the inspection and test strategy. Besides our flexible prototyping and process development capabilities you can rely on a highly qualified ISO 13485 certified production environment and highly qualified engineers.

You can focus on the development of your business, knowing you will receive assembled end-products with constant quality and high yield allowing you to realize your true business potential.

Time to Market

This organizational setup provides you with significant benefits to meet challenging time to market. By doing the prototyping, process development, ramp-up and volume production under one roof, you rid your business development timelines of time and energy consuming transfers between different development and manufacturing partners.

When your business has proven itself in the market and has matured enough to consider a transfer to an EMS, we can support you by helping to transfer the full package – containing now both design and process information. Your assembled end-product will benefit from our know-how in micro-assembly. Design rules, component placement, thermal management, and reliability are the fundament of our way of working.

Designs or requirements often change during a project. Our way of working allows us to follow you in an efficient manner. What makes us unique is the availability of a broad set of techniques, and the ability to transfer to ramp-up in production, giving you an advantage on time to market.

Micro-assembly services for photonic applications

Interconnect architecture

Interconnect Architecture Prototyping

Interconnect architecture & prototyping

Optical module prototyping

Industrial PCBA prototyping

Industrial PCBA prototyping

Production & volume manufacturing

Assembly high end PCBA

Assembly of high-end PCBAs

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