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Philips Innovation Services is your R&D and engineering partner in bringing your innovations to the market. By working both within Philips as well as for external medical and high-tech companies, we can keep our expertise at a world-class level.

With our 1000 engineers and technical consultants, we are big enough to take on complex innovation challenges. And small enough to easily find each other, ensuring a smooth end-to-end development process that your complex medical or high-tech innovation requires. We continue where others stop, to make innovation work.

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Turning ideas into working innovations for the high-tech and medical industry

Turning brilliant ideas into innovations that work is what drives us every day. We realize complex innovations by multidisciplinary projects based on our key areas of expertise. Check out the two examples below on how we are making innovation work in the high-tech and medical industry.


Magnetic levitation using Inverted Planar Motor

Magnetic Levitation using Inverted Planar Motor

Get up-to-date on maglev stages with inverted planar motor technology. For the high-tech industry, we introduced a magnetic levitation (maglev) stage using an inverted planar motor. This makes free-floating movement possible. We also added rotary stage features, which makes this proven and reliable technology applicable for laser machining, materials research, pharmaceutics, medical, inspection, chemical and food production industries.

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Making IoT in healthcare work

Internet of Things in Healthcare 

Adopting Internet of Things (IoT) in healthcare enables you to integrate and combine consumer and clinical data to create smarter and more meaningful care solutions. However, the stringent requirements for data security, privacy and regulatory compliance, make it a very challenging task to create these connected products and systems. It requires digital engineering capabilities beyond traditional hardware and software design and engineering skills.

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Realizing complex innovations in a sustainable way based on 8 key areas of expertise

We are your R&D and engineering partner in bringing your innovations to the market. Based on the following key areas of expertise, we are here to support your needs in different phases of your innovation journey.

Partnering with technology leaders and ventures in the high-tech and medical industry to keep our expertise at world-class level

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