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How we accelerate your innovation

Are you planning an innovation and looking for ways to improve your time to market? How can you make sure that it is designed to be manufactured cost-effectively and reliable? Do you lack specific competences? Maybe a tough technical challenge requires an out-of- the box solution? Or do you need a maturity step in one of your processes or products?
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Philips Innovation Services in the spotlight

Read how you can design-in EMC compliance in the earliest possible phase (especially valid with regard to the new EMC standard IEC 60601-1-2:2014 ‘edition 4’ ).

Nowadays about 70% of all Material Safety Data Sheets are expected to be not fully compliant. Together with the toughening global MSDS and transport regulations…

Have a quick impression of our 2650 m2 cleanroom at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven (the Netherlands)…

With an overall NPS score of 54.7%, our customers (N=981) are very satisfied with our service.

About working together

Central for us when we work together is your satisfaction to the outcome. And how well we succeeded in proving our mission: to accelerate your innovation.

What our customers value

Biocartis – Accelerate the product development processes of the Molecular Diagnostics Platform.

Philips Health Systems – Product reliability is important for us because it affects many elements of our customer experience, e.g. patient care, efficient workflow, and high…

Philips Personal Health – Imagine you have a very thin slice of paper and have to slide that piece of paper into another folded piece of paper and then weld them together…

Océ – For the next generation in the printing process we are developing a fluidic MEMS device…


Industrial Assessment

The Industrial Assessment tool offers a 360-performance scorecard to identify and rank the best production improvement opportunities for achieving business goals.

Sustainability survey shows that a sustainable supply chain is boosted by integrated data management and data management silos hamper supply chain transparency.

In digital innovation, speed of adopting new technologies is key, so whether you are leader or a laggard, the answer to the question on how to speed up your digital innovation is: ‘Just start’

At the fuzzy front-end of innovation, generating great ideas is hard work, selecting the right ideas is even harder. Our proven approach in idea development ›


  • Direct contact with our 1,000 experts
  • Access to 10,000 m2 infrastructure (test & prototyping
    facilities, cleanrooms, labs)
  • Uniformly high customer satisfaction score: NPS > 50%
    (4.5 on a 5-point scale)
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