MEMS actuators

Our thin film capabilities allow us to act as a pure-play foundry for a wide range of MEMS devices & actuators.

Tools for making MEMS actuators:

  • Lithography down to 0.5 μm feature size
  • Deposition of various materials by:
    – Sputtering
    – Evaporation
    – LP
    – PECVD
  • Etching:
    – (D)RIE
    – Wet etching

Download the specification sheet on all MEMS foundry process capabilities ›

Our large variety of tools allow us to manufacture MEMS actuators in silicon and glass. We have a proprietary thin-film piezo technology to integrate actuators into the wafer processing flow.

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MEMS applications are many. Organ-on-a-chip for example, where a human organ is reproduced in its most elementary form: microelectromechanical systems device. Several applications stand out, because of their promise and our capabilities.

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Sustainable competitive advantage through custom MEMS devices. Check out our services in the MEMS & Micro Devices key area of expertise.

News & events

Save the date! The next European MEMS & Sensors Summit will take place on 19-21 September 2018 in Grenoble, France.

Projects on ultrasound innovation awarded for future generation microfabrication technologies for ultrasound products and imaging catheters.

Presentation by technologist René Sanders about microfluidic device standardization and manufacturability at the Polymer Replication on Nanoscale conf.

Presentation by Dr. Jos Giesbers, Sr. Development Engineer & Technical Project Leader, focussed on unique to graphene applications for MEMS devices.

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