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At Philips Innovation Services, we offer the technology, experience and key experts to make your innovation a success at every stage

We all know taking an idea to market is never simple – that’s why we provide support for benchmarking, research and technological investigation, development and validation, testing, troubleshooting, compliance, rollout, and every possible scenario in between. For the past 40 years, we’ve fought to bring world-changing ideas to the forefront, and boast some of the world’s leading experts in every field. Whether you’re a fledgling venture entrepreneur or know just how and where you need us, we’re on hand 24/7, primed to make the most of your ideas.

Philips Innovation Services

make new happen

Are you a startup?

You are new in venturing and eager to take your idea to the next stage. You’re challenged to create the first business plan defining: the product, the market, the qualities of your team versus the challenge ahead, the envisioned business model and the investment required.

We have the experts and experience in designing, developing and delivering innovations just like yours, and we are here to help you with the de-risking and validation of your startup plan:

  • Business case creation and market analysis
  • Calculate the cost price of your innovation
  • Develop your value proposition
  • First prototyping and proof of concept
  • Technology validation
Philips Innovation Services for startup programs

The quickest route to our expertise for ventures


Philips Innovation Services for ventures & emerging businesses
At Philips Innovation Services we offer the quickest route to the best available experts. We help ventures and emerging businesses to design, develop and deliver innovation and new product introductions.

Our 1,000 experts can help you make new happen

Meet our experts Philips Innovation Services

We can accelerate your innovation and make new happen for you, at every stage of your new business creation and development process. You have an idea that could change the world – and we have the experts to make it a reality. With over 40 years of experience in business design, technology and supply, we’re here to help exactly when you need us.

Paul Aelen Philips Innovation Services Ventures team

Meet Christien Zeijlstra Philips Innovation Services

Andre Immink Philips Innovation Services Ventures team

Louis Stroucken Philips Innovation Services Ventures team

Meet Peter van de Berg Philips Innovation Services

Stephan Willaert Philips Innovation Services Ventures team

Meet Ronald Soupart Philips Innovation Services

Discover our areas of expertise

to accelerate
your innovation
Medical devices & equipment
High-precision equipment
MEMS & Micro Devices
MEMS is our expertise
Design for reliability solutions
Environment & safety
Industry consulting
Manufacturing processes & systems
Connected digital products & systems

What other ventures value about working with us

“Of course, a small company with competent engineers can make prototypes, but by working with Philips Innovation Services, we could create a unit which could easily, quickly and cost-efficiently be transferred to production. The response has been very positive and we almost immediately received the first orders.”

Thomas van Elzakker
Chief Operating Officer

“High Tech Campus Eindhoven is where the business and facilities are that we need, such as the cleanrooms of Philips Innovation Services. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are now.”

Sjaak Deckers
CEO and Co-Founder
Sapiens Steering Brain Stimulation

“The joint team of Aquaver and Philips Innovation Services had a completely open view onto the possibilities of membrane distillation and stressed the units to its limits again and again. The result was that we jointly have been able to create vast improvements in performance and reliability over the last years.”

Wolfgang Heinzl
Memsys Inventor
Memsys Water Technologies

“Philips Innovation Services was quick in understanding the problems and analyzed the state of the art in the bike industry, followed by promising suggestions regarding our problem.”

Bas d’Herripon
ID Bike

“For the assembly yield improvement of our high-power laser emitters, the micro-assembly team of Philips Innovation Services played an important role in the definition and execution of improvement actions. Based on our analysis of the yield-loss channels, they identified the root causes in the process, defined and executed improvement actions, analyzed these and repeated the plan-do-check-act cycle”

Armand Pruijmboom
General Manager
Philips Photonics Systems

What other ventures value about working with us

Hein Weijdema, Director Development & Engineering

Simon Morling, Director of Product Engineering

Biju Kumar, Hardware Architect Hue Wireless & Smart Lighting

Ingvar Aberg, Director Cell Engineering & Applications

Get in touch and let’s make new happen

  • 40 years of experience in helping numerous ventures to the market
  • Knowledge of the main pitfalls
  • Always one step ahead
  • Dedicated complementary support for each stage
  • Flexible, when you need it
  • You work with an entire organization, no individual people dependencies
  • Accelerate your innovation & reduce time to market

Design, develop, deliver your innovation

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Speak to our experts on how we can accelerate your innovation and make new happen.

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Account Manager Ventures
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