A DfX convention is valuable in any product life cycle stage – from first idea to golden tail – use Design for X to increase product value and reduce costs.

How to get your Rolodex and knowledge repository at your fingertips? Knowledge management through online Communities of Practice.

SDG partnerships are an effective approach to tackle the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We offer SDG workshops on partnerships for the SDGs.

During the successful Radiation Protection Seminar we discussed the radiation protection legislation in 2018, had 4 presentations and 4 interactive workshops.

ISO 9001:2015 certificate

ISO 9001:2015 certificate Philips Innovation Services, January 1, 1999

ISO 14001:2015 certificate

ISO 14001:2015 certificate, Philips Innovation Services, February 1, 2000

Industrial Assessment

The Industrial Assessment tool offers a 360-performance scorecard to identify and rank the best production improvement opportunities for achieving business goals.

Sustainability survey shows that a sustainable supply chain is boosted by integrated data management and data management silos hamper supply chain transparency.

In digital innovation, speed of adopting new technologies is key, so whether you are leader or a laggard, the answer to the question on how to speed up your digital innovation is: ‘Just start’


LSX World Congress
Where: etc. venues, London
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SPIE Advanced Lithography 2019
Where: San Jose, California, USA
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Dutch Congress for Industrial Safety
Where: De Fabrique - Utrecht
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DSPE conference 2018
Where: De Ruwenberg, Sint Michielsgestel, The Netherlands
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Where: High Tech Campus, Eindhoven
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