When introducing the thinking, methods and tools of TRIZ into an organization, TRIZ will initially be an “unproven case”.

What is DfX?

Design for X (DfX) is a toolbox for proactively including end-user experience in the product development phase. With DfX our experts offer a program to get excellence up to speed.

As result of a successful audit by the quality certification authority DEKRA (previously KEMA Quality), Philips Innovation Services’ ISO 9001, 14001 and 13485 certifications have all been ren

SCIL is one of the cutting-edge services offered commercially by MiPlaza, Philips Innovation Services in the field of nano- and micro-technology.

Innovation effectiveness depends very much on making smart choices, for instance regarding which R&D projects to choose during Roadmapping or Portfolio Management, which scenario to sel

Elke den Ouden addresses the question of how organizations collaborate in the early stages of the innovation process when it is not yet clear who will capture the value.

The third edition of Innovation flash covers a variety of innovation topics, but each of them is at the forefront of improving the most important aspects

Welcome to this first edition of Innovation flash. Our aim is to bring you new ideas in the field of innovation management in a timely and concise manner.


LSX World Congress
Where: etc. venues, London
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SPIE Advanced Lithography 2019
Where: San Jose, California, USA
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Dutch Congress for Industrial Safety
Where: De Fabrique - Utrecht
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DSPE conference 2018
Where: De Ruwenberg, Sint Michielsgestel, The Netherlands
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Where: High Tech Campus, Eindhoven
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