Fasim 2.0. launched during successful seminar

On June 20th Fasim 2.0. was launched during a successful seminar held at the Philips Fruittuin. Even though it was 31 degrees outside, around 30 enthusiastic guests joined the seminar from different locations in the EU. The main objective of the seminar was to explain the newly developed functions in Fasim 2.0 and collect feedback. Moreover, senior consultants gave two practical workshops on Dangerous Goods transportation and REACH compliance.

Fasim 2.0: getting started

It took half a year of preparation, and finally in April this year Fasim 2.0. was launched. Fasim 2.0. is developed as a chemical management tool with many practical functionalities. So far we have received a lot of positive feedback, as well as questions on how to make the best use of Fasim 2.0. Derek Boender, chemical safety specialist, explained new functionalities like the creation of your own registers of inbound and outbound chemicals, improved search- and reporting functions.

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REACH compliance: registration and e-SDS preparation

With the rapid approach of the May 2018 deadline of the REACH legislation, more and more companies are facing challenges of being compliant. Our business developer Maikel van Niftrik made a practical presentation on REACH compliance and extended SDS preparation. For more information on REACH registration, implementation and e-SDS preparation please contact Maikel van Niftrik directly.

Dangerous Goods transportation

Another common challenge that our customers are facing is the transportation of dangerous goods. Our dangerous goods transportation specialist Daan de Leeuw explained what dangerous goods are, and focused on the transport of lithium batteries. His presentation provides practical information on the types, dangers, classifying criteria and main regulations. For more information on the transport of dangerous goods please contact Daan de Leeuw directly.

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