MEMS manufacturing

Your benefit

Your devices are manufactured in agreed volumes and with constant quality, whenever you need them.

We deliver

We run a customized process flow and manufacture your devices according to your specifications and order.

Our approach

Multiple production runs are used to iron out any significant quality or yield issues. Statistical process control and shop floor control are used as a standard. For very high volumes, we support process transfer to other foundries.


  • Project management
  • Statistical process control (SPC)
  • Quality systems ISO 9001, 13485
  • Risk management, FMEA
  • Cpk analysis, yield improvement
  • Logistics & supply chain management

What our partners value

“Partnering up with Philips Innovation Services has been a very pleasant experience. Working in one team really contributed to great outcomes.”

Massimiliano Migliarelli
Senior project manager D&E

MEMS manufacturing in the spotlight

Sol Voltaics AB – Our application is quite unique, so we had some specific requirements…

When your current solution just doesn’t seem to do the trick, custom MEMS devices might be worthwhile investigating. How feasible would a custom MEMS device be for you?

When you need a custom MEMS device for your system, you can rely on our experts. Their expertise is to really understand your requirements, to show feasibility and proof of concept, develop the product and required process in a stage-gated manner and reproduce reliably & controlled.

We have over 30 years of experience in prototyping & assembly in our Micro Devices Facility called ‘Greenhouse’. Therefore, integral coupling with supply chain and manufacturing activities is assured.

Check out our Micro Devices services:

News & events

Save the date! The next European MEMS & Sensors Summit will take place on 19-21 September 2018 in Grenoble, France.

Projects on ultrasound innovation awarded for future generation microfabrication technologies for ultrasound products and imaging catheters.

Presentation by technologist René Sanders about microfluidic device standardization and manufacturability at the Polymer Replication on Nanoscale conf.

Presentation by Dr. Jos Giesbers, Sr. Development Engineer & Technical Project Leader, focussed on unique to graphene applications for MEMS devices.

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