MEMS inkjet printheads

Inkjet printing technology is evolving fast. Are you considering the move from bulk piezo printheads to the usage of thin-film inkjet printheads? Thin-film PZT (lead zirconate titanate) opens opportunities for improving total cost of ownership (TCO). This inkjet technology also provides access to new digital printing application areas, such as large & wide-format printing or – next to commercial inkjet printing – the ability to design high performance industrial inkjet printheads.

Your MEMS inkjet printhead innovation opportunity

Are you looking to deposit novel inks on ceramic, organic, polymer or even aqueous materials? Interested in single-pass precision micro-deposition of functional fluids on exotic materials? Such as electrode materials for flexible electronics, photovoltaics and optoelectronics? These breakthrough inkjet applications together represent a bright diversified outlook for a potentially disruptive inkjet printing business.

Custom made printheads versus off-the-shelf 

Are you an inkjet OEM or print head assembly manufacturer? Are you contemplating the fabrication of an innovative thin-film printhead device to meet new market requirements? Do you need to create a sustainable competitive advantage in inkjet technology?

Off-the-shelf silicon MEMS piezo printheads may be faster, but custom devices can ensure the needed competitive inkjet technology advantage and cost edge. When an off-the-shelf thin-film piezo MEMS printhead solution just does not seem to assure your sustainable advantage, a custom thin-film PZT MEMS inkjet printhead might be worthwhile investigating.

Case study – prototyping with MEMS inkjet technology

Curious about the advantage we deliver to our customers? Watch the video why a major inkjet printing system supplier like Oce decided to develop a MEMS inkjet print head with us.

Custom MEMS inkjet printhead fabrication challenges

Depending on application requirements, many device optimizations are possible with custom thin-film PZT MEMS printheads, like:

  • Inkjet firing frequency
  • Droplet size with improved uniformity
  • Nozzle density
  • Tunable drive voltage

Pure-play MEMS Foundry for inkjet printhead innovations

Partnering with our pure-play MEMS Foundry for pilot and volume production of MEMS inkjet printheads, offers you innovation capability and flexibility without having to invest in a capital intensive operation. Your intellectual property is secured by our commitment to protect our customers’ confidential information.

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Robbert van der Waal, Sales director MEMS foundry

Robbert van der Waal
Sales director

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MEMS foundry High Tech Campus Eindhoven

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MEMS inkjet printhead technology services

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What sets us apart?

  • Device development, combining customer’s application and device know-how and Philips’ MEMS and module expertise
  • Process development, employing piezo (PZT) or capacitive (CMUT) actuation technologies
  • Development of integrated electronics, including specification, design and test of proofs-of-concept ASICs and industrialization support
  • Wafer bonding, for MEMS head and MEMS-driver integration
  • Module development, integrating MEMS chip, driver electronics, connector, and ink ports
  • Full service offering, from device and process development, volume MEMS manufacturing, integration of driver electronics, connector and ink ports to device assembly services: a single partner to obtaining a custom MEMS based inkjet device
  • Independent MEMS Foundry – for 30 years we are used to work for industry leaders with high confidentiality and IP protection demands
  • High customer satisfaction, NPS score: > 50% (4.5 on a 5-point scale)

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In the spotlight

Océ – For the next generation in the printing process we are developing a fluidic MEMS device…

Development & prototyping of MEMS inkjet devices by Elise Rodenburg and Ton Nellissen, MicroNano Conference

Curious about the layout of our 2,650 m² MEMS Foundry and its processing areas? 
Do you want to know all about our foundry toolkit & process capabilities? 
High precision equipment Philips Innovation Services

Why work with us?

  • The flexibility in working together
  • Our responsiveness to change requests
  • Our ability to provide creative out-of-the-box solutions for the ‘seemingly impossible’ – a capability developed from working with Philips Research for 40 years
  • Manufacturing MEMS devices under ISO 13485 and 9001
  • 2650 m2 state-of-the-art cleanroom of class 100 – 10.000
  • Flexibility to work with materials ranging from Ag to Zn, including ‘CMOS-forbidden’ materials, alloys, dielectrics and polymers like Parylene
  • Flexibility to work with substrates: Si, III/V, glass, square and round, up to 8”

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Sustainable competitive advantage through custom MEMS devices. Check out our services in the MEMS & Micro Devices key area of expertise.

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