MEMS applications

There are many MEMS applications. Organ-on-a-chip for example, where a human organ is reproduced in its most elementary form: microelectromechanical systems device.

Our customers typically bring market and application knowledge. We bring the technology and methodology to realize their innovative ideas. As a result we work across a wide range of applications and markets. Several MEMS applications stand out, because of their promise and our capabilities.

Sustainable competitive advantage through custom MEMS devices

Are you contemplating the use of MEMS devices in your system in order to create a sustainable competitive advantage? When your current solution just don’t seem to do the trick, a custom MEMS might be worthwhile investigating. How feasible would a custom MEMS be for you?

  Are you contemplating a custom MEMS device?

Market examples

Our customers typically bring market and application knowledge. As a pure-play Foundry, we bring the technology and methodology to realize their innovative ideas. Therefore we typically work across a very wide range of applications and markets.

  • Medical

    For customers active in the medical market we provide services like microfluidic chips (employing Thin film and laser techniques), various sensors (employing MEMS and micro assembly techniques), meshes for nebulizers, and organ-on-a-chip substrates. Also here, services range from fast prototyping of concepts to manufacturing in low volumes. Our ISO13485 (medical) certification is of great value to our customers.

  • (Semiconductor) Equipment & devices

    For customers active in the semiconductor equipment market we provide services for windows, gratings, slits, membranes, sensors and actuators.

  • Analytical

    For customers active in the analytical equipment market we provide services like TEM and X-Ray windows, gratings, slits, heaters, and scanning probe microscopy tips.

  • Lighting, solar & optical

    For customers active in the lighting, solar or optical markets, we make microlenses, gratings, nano-structured surfaces and large-area micro-structured surfaces for light coupling or trapping.

What our partners value 

“Philips Innovation Services has specialized process knowledge that yielded a tight control over critical features of our device.”

Chas Andre
CSO and co-founder

“Microfluidics require a very high level of design specification and precision, and I have seen the quality of Philips Innovation Services is very good.”

Nathalie Douillet
Technology innovation lead

“We enjoyed working with the team members from Philips Innovation Services. We are impressed by the technical competency and project management capability of your team.”

Hui Huang
Senior Scientist
Immucor Inc.

Key MEMS application areas

Thin-film PZT opens up opportunities for improving total cost of ownership (TCO) and gaining access to new digital printing application areas, such as large…

For microfluidic devices we manufacture a range of devices like meshes, nozzles, jets, channels, barriers, and complete functional chips.

Breakthrough applications for ultrasound, complementing conventional technology with advantages.

Our thin film capabilities allow us to act as a pure-play foundry for a wide range of MEMS devices & actuators.

More MEMS application examples

Micro-fabricated devices are finding their way to the front-end of medical equipment, interfacing between body and machine and enable better and cheaper diagnostic equipment.

Our technology platform for micro- and nanotechnologies is very suitable for the manufacturing of MEMS sensors for measuring flow, pressure, temperature or acceleration.

A typical example of micro devices with high potential in e.g. analytical and healthcare applications are micro sieves.

In an organ-on-a-chip a human organ is reproduced in its most elementary form, designed to reproduce relevant physical factors in the human body.

Sensor and actuator applications: large area high-precision silicon gratings for IR spectral analysis, outcoupling of light from solid-state lasers via microlenses, special coatings, or light guidance in silicon waveguides.

For RF applications we have made several MEMS applications like micro-machined micro-wave cavity filters, submounts, interposers and devices for RF front-end protection.

We offer several services on 6” wafers (max), typically provided by the customer. See how this could benefit you?

Employing our state-of-the-art tools, our ability to use a wide variety of materials (Ag to Zn, dielectrics, polymers) and substrates (Si, III/V, glass, ceramic; square & round, up to 8”), we manufacture according to your requirements.

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