Integrated industrial solutions

Your benefit

Your competitive advantage based on integrated manufacturing lines optimized exactly for your business situation.

We deliver

Control points bringing competitive advantage, supporting your chosen business model and focused on cost leadership, zero ppm quality level, time to market, reliable production and know-how protection. See our examples.

Our approach

Design and realize turnkey manufacturing technology based on your specific needs with building blocks seamlessly combined in one integrated manufacturing solution; all the way from prototype machines to full industrial lines.


  • Integral project management
  • Commissioning of CTQ processes
  • Industrial sourcing & market intelligence
  • DfX (Design for Excellence)

Integrated industrial solutions in the spotlight

Flexible assembly platform for products that are produced in high volume. The platform can easily be scaled: from one product type to another; from lower to higher speed and to…

Manufacturing high-tech hydrogen fuel cells for an energy efficient car..

Imagine you have a very thin slice of paper and have to slide that piece of paper into another folded piece of paper and then weld them together extremely precise…

You’re developing a new product, but do not have a clear idea how to produce it yet. How can you make sure the product is designed to be manufactured cost-effectively and reliably? And how can you introduce it into your factory? Do you need a customized production line or only a dedicated machine?

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