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We support your strive for business excellence and growth. We develop and optimize your innovation & operational processes. In all this, customer orientation, quality and speed are our focus

Call on our team of seasoned business and industry professionals. Together with you, we create tangible results that last. With a practical approach, we are implementation-oriented. Working closely together with your employees, we create an on the job learning setting. This enables your organization to strengthen or develop its own ‘continuous improvement’ culture.

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Looking for innovation & operational excellence?

We support your strive for business excellence and growth. We develop and optimize your innovation & operational processes. In all this, customer orientation, quality and speed are our focus.

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Why work with us Industry consulting

Why work with us?

  • Pragmatic and implementation-oriented
  • We deliver results
  • Over 70 seasoned professionals with an industrial or business background
  • We work for both Philips and non-Philips companies on a global level
  • Being part of Philips innovation Service we are closely linked to leading technologies & industrial solutions
  • Last but not least, we love what we do and we are good at it

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Managing a diverse portfolio. The end result was a clear overview of a development portfolio worth over € 200 million.

Cost-effective industrialization Pre-pilot production established: 50% cost reduction, key suppliers identified.

Lean supply chain for greater flexibility & lower costs. Result: 10% cost reduction and higher customer satisfaction.

A world-leading shipbuilder’s internal analysis had shown alignment and prioritization of its many innovation projects could be improved.

Innovation & operational excellence in the spotlight

See how companies like Google, BMW, 3M, DSM, Philips and others do it Innovation and strategy, two words that are often used, get many people excited and just as many confused.

Are we stuck with standardizing the End to End innovation process, using innovation ecosystems and lean forever or is there more to come? There is more to come…

Ruud van Vessum, VP Industry consulting, talks about about Process innovation and Industry consulting in an interview for RTL-Z Ondernemerszaken.

Digital Innovation is the next growth area, not just for the pure play digital companies like Google or Facebook. Also traditional companies are driving innovation in their area.

Industry consulting news: stay up-to-date

A DfX convention is valuable in any product life cycle stage – from first idea to golden tail – use Design for X to increase product value and reduce costs.

How to get your Rolodex and knowledge repository at your fingertips? Knowledge management through online Communities of Practice.

Industrial Assessment

The Industrial Assessment tool offers a 360-performance scorecard to identify and rank the best production improvement opportunities for achieving business goals.

In digital innovation, speed of adopting new technologies is key, so whether you are leader or a laggard, the answer to the question on how to speed up your digital innovation is: ‘Just start’

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