High-precision engineering support

Your benefit

If you have a precision engineering challenge that can’t be solved in-house, there is no need to lose valuable time building up the necessary expertise. We have all the specialists and infrastructure necessary to quickly evaluate and provide solutions that are creative – and effective.

For example

Our high-precision engineering support, together with our precision equipment pre-development capabilities, provided the missing competence links that enabled IMS Nanofabrication to build a proof-of-concept system for their electron multi-beam Mask Exposure Tool (eMET).

Our technologist also collaborate internally to develop brand-new tools to solve specific high-tech systems problems, such as when our thermal and control specialists built a controlled fluid-stream heater that enables local temperature control at critical components in systems down to milli-Kelvins accuracy.

High-precision engineering example projects

Comparative evaluation of Lorentz and reluctance actuators

Historically, Lorentz actuators (based on current carrying windings situated within a magnetic field) are widely used to achieve the highest level of force predictability. 

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Self-calibration using advanced algorithms on a multi-probe system

Self-calibration using advanced algorithms on a multi-probe systemFor high-precision motion systems, measurement accuracy is key. Ideally, its position data is linearly dependent on the actual position. In reality nonlinear behavior is present …

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More High-precision engineering support examples

high-precision engineering support

We deliver

  • Precision engineering support in many competencies, such as control, sensors, dynamics, motion software, electromagnetics, high-precision mechatronics, thermodynamics, mechanical/electrical design, acoustics and EMC.
  • Support in many forms, from ad hoc technology consultancy to defining and designing large-scale technology projects. Our technologists can participate on-site in your teams, or create their own off-site team to develop and execute agreed-upon deliverables.
  • Dedicated high-tech infrastructure (including equipment, laboratories and clean rooms).

Methodologies and tools

  • Thorough modeling experience, describing the phenomena that ultimately drive and/or limit your performance
  • Fast prototyping with our in-house tool shop and close cooperation with suppliers
  • Large measurement equipment base available in-house

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News: magnetic levitation stage with planar motor

28 Jun 2017

Get up-to-date on maglev stages with inverted planar motor technology. Mechatronics experts share knowledge about free-floating movers on a rotary stage.

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More High-precision engineering examples

calibration strategy for a rotary stage philips innovation services

Calibration strategy for a rotary stage 

For one of our customers, a rotary stage is developed. Due to the strict performance requirements, and as a tradeoff with component costs, an elaborate calibration.

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Electron multi-beam mask exposure tool

The Austria-based company IMS Nanofabrication chose us as partner to build a proof-of-concept system for their electron multi-beam Mask Exposure Tool.

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Model based design for a fluid stream heater

Model based design for a fluid stream heater

In systems where a cooling liquid is applied for heat removal and/ or thermal conditioning, the cooling liquid is commonly temperature controlled via an external reservoir.

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You need a partner to take on part of your system development as an integral project, handling all aspects from concept, design up to turn-key realization, delivery and verification, based on your requirements or functional specification? Pleased to meet you!

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