High-Precision Co-Development

Ever increasing requirements on both cost and performance keep pushing technological developments in your applications. Additionally, the need for integrating more and more technologies in your system design increases the complexity and challenges the skills of your development team.

To correctly predict performance and define an optimally balanced design, a strong multidisciplinary approach makes the difference. Our highly skilled support engineers cover all key high-precision engineering competencies and have an uncommon degree of practical experience in applying their knowledge.

What’s more, they also work closely with colleagues (in and outside your team) in other disciplines. This facilitates the kind of synergy necessary to deliver successful innovations to your customers.

Our size and unique combination of competencies allow us to compose a team complimentary to yours, based on your specific skill or capability needs, to help making the right choices and rapidly develop optimal solutions to your challenges.

How we deliver High-Precision Engineering Support

  • Support in many forms, from ad-hoc technology consultancy to defining and designing large-scale technology projects.
  • Internal/external flexibility; technologists that can participate in your team or create their own team off-site to develop and execute agreed-upon deliverables.
  • Dedicated high-tech infrastructure; including measurement equipment, laboratories and cleanrooms.
  • Advanced modeling expertise to pinpoint and describe the phenomena that ultimately drive and/or limit your performance.
  • Fast prototyping thanks to in-house tool shop and close cooperation with suppliers.

Key area of expertise

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Our High-Precision Engineering Support teams are specially formed for each project. These multidisciplinary engineering teams are designed to include the precise combination of technical expertise and experience necessary to solve your challenge. Depending on what your needs are, the team can include technical expertise in:

Examples of High-Precision Co-Development

A machine vision system was added to a dispensing robot; using robotic vision to enable customized features in the droplet dispensing process.

Rotary stage developed under strict performance requirements and component cost reduction demands, an elaborate calibration strategy is employed.

Normally the cooling liquid temperature is controlled via an external reservoir in systems using cooling liquid for heat removal or thermal conditioning.

Online self-calibration of a position measurement system. Result is an error profile virtually free of integration errors, allowing on-the-fly in-line calibration.

What our partners value

“This is an unbelievably smart group of people.”

Evan Bunner
Advanced Product Engineer
Maxion Wheels

“My overall evaluation of the EMC project is pretty positive. We got very good guidance to setup and execute the tests, excellent support to solve technical issues and interpret data. Comprehensive reporting, very fast planning and resource allocation. The communication and interaction was always friendly and productive.”

Salvatore Polito
Electronic Engineer
Holst Centre

“The joint team of Aquaver and Philips Innovation Services had a completely open view onto the possibilities of membrane distillation and stressed the units to its limits again and again. The result was that we jointly have been able to create vast improvements in performance and reliability over the last year.”

Wolfgang Heinzl
Memsys inventor
Memsys GmbH

Contact us for High-Precision Co-Development

Do you have a question for one of the technical experts of Philips Innovation Services? Please send us a message.

product-engineering-business-development-manager-peter van den bekerom
Peter van den Bekerom
Business Development Manager

Do you need a partner to take on part of your system development as an integral project, who can handle all aspects from concept, design up to turn-key realization, delivery and verification, based on your requirements or functional specification?

Check out our high-precision engineering services.


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