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For high-precision engineering of complex equipment – such as high-performance systems in the semiconductor capital equipment and medical capital equipment industries – you may well need a partner to take on aspects of system development as an integral project.

We are just that partner, capable of handling or supporting any aspect necessary for high-precision engineering, ranging from concept and design up to turn-key realization, delivery and verification.

We have all the facilities, know-how and high-level expertise necessary – both in terms of new technologies and project management – to convert your requirements into detailed specifications, designs, system architecture and high-precision equipment build.

The end result? A customized solution delivered right into your capital equipment program.

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Looking for high-precision engineering expertise? 

You need a partner to take on part of your system development as an integral project, handling all aspects from concept, design up to turn-key realization, delivery and verification, based on your requirements or functional specification? Pleased to meet you!

More about our high-precision engineering expertise

Whether you need to solve a single technology issue or are trying to make complex new equipment breakthroughs, we can provide the specific facilities and expertise you need at any stage of system development or operation from our comprehensive range of High-Precision Engineering services.

Our involvement can vary from consultancy with an expert in the field, to secondment of an expert who has the exact, complimentary precision engineering competency that you need, all the way to integral end-to-end design of your precision equipment – or part of it. Just let us know what you need.

Our approach

  • Our carefully structured, model-based way of working ensures first-time-right development of high-precision equipment and on-time achievement of required performance: no need to iterate to achieve your targets.
  • We help pinpoint exactly what the best targets are. The different technology competencies across our service areas work together in close proximity, providing deep insight into the interactions between risk, cost, reliability and performance.
  • Best of all, our approach means no guesswork: we provide clearly justified estimates of achievable performance and time-frame upfront: the optimal way to get your desired high-precision engineering results.

From the idea to the lab concept and industrial phase, we act as your consultant: as an off-site project team or on-site team member, putting our facilities and expertise to work for you in one or more of the high-precision engineering service areas.

High precision equipment Philips Innovation Services

Why work with us?

  • You’re not just hiring an expert or a project team; but the brains, expertise, methods & tools of our total organization
  • Various ways of working: from fast ad-hoc support to project-based teams or even to an outsourced process part
  • Instant access to 10,000 m² of facilities: labs, cleanrooms, workshops, equipment, instrumentation etc.
  • Certified for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485

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What our customers value

“Philips Innovation Services has a broad and in-depth knowledge of System Dynamics, based on many years of experience. Our project got a speed boost because we could tap into this vast knowledge-base early on, via consultancy.”

Dr. ir. René Klaver
Senior System Architect
IBS Precision Engineering

“This is an unbelievably smart group of people.”

Evan Bunner
Advanced Product Engineer
Maxion Wheels

“Philips Innovation Services offers specialized expertise that is vital to some of our key initiatives. They collaborate uniquely well because of their insightful yet efficient methods of problem definition, their transparent project management, and their analytical clarity.”

John Landrum
Vice President Innovation
Intralox, LLC   

“Of course, a small company with competent engineers can make prototypes, but by working with Philips Innovation Services, we could create a unit which could easily, quickly and cost-efficiently be transferred to production. The response has been very positive and we almost immediately received the first orders.”

Thomas van Elzakker
Chief Operating Officer
i-Optics BV

“My overall evaluation of the EMC project is pretty positive. We got very good guidance to setup and execute the tests, excellent support to solve technical issues and interpret data. Comprehensive reporting, very fast planning and resource allocation. The communication and interaction was always friendly and productive”

Salvatore Polito
Electronic Engineer
Holst Centre

“ASML, Philips Research and Philips Innovation Services are jointly working on the fabrication of ultrathin EUV pellicle membranes, for which the requirements continuously approach and push barriers on manufacturability, process ability, handling, and measurement techniques to new frontiers. The highly dedicated efforts and close cooperations of these teams are a good example of successful innovation.”

Dr. Silvester Houweling
Senior Specialist Contamination Control

“Electronics is such a broad field, there’s no way a single person can be an expert in every area, so we were pleased to find Philips Innovation Services had the exact expertise we were looking for.”

Paul Schepers
Senior Hardware Engineer and Engineering team leader

“The joint team of Aquaver and Philips Innovation Services had a completely open view onto the possibilities of membrane distillation and stressed the units to its limits again and again. The result was that we jointly have been able to create vast improvements in performance and reliability over the last year.”

Wolfgang Heinzl
Memsys inventor
Memsys GmbH

Special interest: structural dynamics & vibration analysis

Excellent dynamic isolation, no wear or lubricant contamination, very high accuracy high accelerations, easily incorporated in designs & easily extendable to multiple stages…

Performing thorough & sensible dynamic measurements is more than knowing which sensors to use and appropriate equipment. It’s also about what to measure.

Experience learns that it is often better to start with simple models (lumped mass) instead of a FEA model.

The difficulty in determining the worst case impact is in the knowledge on e.g. the relevant stiffness and the validity of the assumed drop conditions.


Get up-to-date on maglev stages with inverted planar motor technology. Mechatronics experts share knowledge about free-floating movers on a rotary stage.

At Philips Innovation Services, we aim to take wireless power transfer techniques as far as it can be imagined. We are happy to share some examples with you.

Recently, we have added a machine vision system to a dispensing robot; using robotic vision to enable customized features in the droplet dispensing process.

Printed circuit board, cable and connector and shielding design choices are becoming more complex, due to higher frequencies and shifting legislative requirements.

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