Radiation protection consultancy

Does your company use X-ray equipment or radioactive sources? Are you comfortable with legal compliance? Do you want to give your employees and the environment the best radiation protection? Do you want your employees to work responsibly and safely with radiation so your business can concentrate on its core activities?

Radiation regulations are strict and avoiding unnecessary radiation exposure for employees, patients and the public is a must. Companies, especially newcomers on the market, working with X-ray devices or radioactive sources are quite often at a loss how to become and how to comply conveniently with regulations within budgetary constraints.

In the coming period there will be major changes in the radiation legislation and the challenge for companies on how to stay informed about these changes and how to implement these new regulations in their business.

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Sandra van den Eeden
Radiation Protection Consultant


Your benefit from radiation protection consultancy

According to Dutch legislation every organization using ionizing radiation should have a registered radiation protection expert. For clinics there is an extra requirement to have a medical physics expert on board.

Unfortunately for some companies and clinics, it is often difficult to fulfill these requirements. Our consultancy team has many years of experience in tackling these challenges. Our experienced radiation protection team supports industrial companies, hospitals and clinics with all aspects necessary to be compliant with Dutch legislation.

“We help you to be compliant, while you can focus on your business”

You and your workers can feel assured and secured, so your employees can work responsibly and safely with radiation.

We deliver radiation protection consultancy

We are a one-stop-shop radiation protection consultancy for the industrial and medical sectors.
  • Our certified consultants are equipped with extensive expertise in industry and healthcare and know all about radiation protection.
  • The registered radiation protection experts provide dedicated advice and can assist companies acquiring their Nuclear power act (KEW) permit, conduct risk assessments, set up a KEW-file as well as help implement all practical aspects of Dutch radiation protection regulations.
  • We also provide radiation safety training specifically related to radiation issues within the company or the clinic.
  • Another legal obligation for clinics working with ionizing radiation is having medical physics expert supervision for general use and quality control of diagnostic X-ray and nuclear medicine devices. Philips Innovation Services is unique in providing such outsourced medical physics expert support.


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Our approach to radiation protection 

  • In joint consultation, we determine what requirements your business needs to meet and what risks in the field of radiation you are exposed to.
  • Determine what measures should be taken and how these can best be implemented in your business.
  • Implementing the measures by compiling procedures and work instructions, training and setting up an inspection program.
  • Establishing a radiation protection program, dealing with complex compliance issues and managing incidents and risks.
  • The annual audit of the radiation protection program to ensure that they are effective and efficient and that the organization meets the legal requirements.

What our customers value

“Philips Innovation Services is a great partner who help us with all aspects of radiation protection. We value the personal contact and the flexibility needed to respond to changes in a dynamic organization like Star-SHL. Legal compliance is very important to us and Environment, Health & Safety helps to unburden us and take care of this area where possible.”

Sjan de Weert
Team lead functional, prenatal and imaging diagnostics
Star-SHL Medical Diagnostic Center

Methodologies and tools for radiation protection

Identify your wishes and needs, including:
  • Manage your nuclear power act permit (KEW vergunning)
  • Deliver the mandatory registered radiation protection expert
  • Workspace risk assessment (employees & workspaces)
  • Regulatory gap analysis (licenses and notifications)
Establish a radiation protection program, including:
  • Procedures and instructions
  • Awareness training
  • Inspection program
Monitor results by means of:
  • Compliance audits & workplace inspections


Case: offering a tailor-made solution




Provide a one-stop-shop solution from licensing to operational supervision and development of a radiation safety program in combination with the supplied diagnostic hard- and software.

Key results

A close cooperation between SHL-Groep and Philips where the goal is to keep the client focused on business while Philips takes care of the rest.

Business benefit

A flexible and intensive cooperation where the client can rest assured they are compliant.

Radiation protection consultancy in the spotlight

During the successful Radiation Protection Seminar we discussed the radiation protection legislation in 2018, had 4 presentations and 4 interactive workshops.

Lots of attention for the level of education of employees in new guidelines for radiation protection. Interview with Sandra van den Eeden, radiation protection consultant.

Whereas hospitals usually have structures in place to comply with local legislation, clinics using ionizing radiation and radioactive sources are encountering often greater challenges.
Customer story: Elekta installs medical equipment for cancer treatment, so it needs to be constantly up to date on the regulatory and legislative changes concerning radiation.

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