Machine safety consultancy

Workable equipment & shop floor safety: risk inventory & implementation in a practical way.

Your benefit

An improved & sustainable machine safety level and a reduced number of accidents, incidents and near misses.

We deliver

  • Workable & practical solutions; integrate experiences from (inter) national Philips sites
  • A full & comprehensive summary of all machine related hazards of the workplace
  • Solutions fully integrated in your business management system to measure achievements
  • Secured results by workplace inspections and audits monitoring your KPI’s

Our approach

We implement a step-by-step approach towards ‘workable’ safety levels based on management’s safety ambition. We involve employees, identify all machine related hazards and provide training on safety aspects to increase awareness.

Machine Safety Consultancy

Direct contact

Willy Enzing

Managing consultant


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“Marc van Deursen played a significant role in our machine safety improvement by providing practical training, professional risk assessment, and most importantly, workable solutions.”

Jason Zhu 朱 
Facility & EHS manager

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