Connecting your medical device to the cloud

Internet of Things (IoT) in healthcare is about using networking technologies to connect medical devices and applications, thus enabling machine-to-machine communication and connection to the cloud.

By applying IoT in healthcare, you’re able to integrate and combine consumer and clinical data to create smarter and more meaningful connected consumer and care solutions. Providing seamless patient care.

The stringent requirements for data security, privacy and regulatory compliance, make it a very challenging task for healthcare applications. It requires a combined expertise in the cloud, security, regulatory and connectivity technologies.

As a focused leader in health technology, we are determined to build upon our rich heritage by touching billions of lives each year with our innovative technology solutions.

For the Internet of Things, we draw upon our track record in the development of advanced technologies for the healthcare industry to offer end-to-end connectivity solutions. Not just for Philips, but for external companies as well. By teaming up with your organization we deliver value to where it matters most.

Benefits we offer

  • Security

  • Information Security Management System
  • External audits and penetration testing
  • Cloud solution certified for ISO 27001/18, SOC2, and HITRUST
  • Customer retains ownership of all data
  • Speed

  • Faster time to market
  • Ready-to-use connectivity building blocks
  • Accelerated development of connected consumer & healthcare solutions
  • Savings

  • Providing a shared, managed cloud infrastructure and platform
  • Flexibility to use only the services you require
  • Pay only for what you need

What do you need to make the IoT in healthcare work?

End-to-end connectivity solutions and cloud services

We reduce technical, financial and security risks to bring connectivity to your products in the fastest way possible.E2E process - IoT in healthcare


Need IoT product development expertise? Or do you want to connect your medical device to our cloud?

Discover how our services fit your needs


Developing IoT devices in healthcare – with their stringent requirements for security, privacy and regulatory compliance – is a very challenging task. It requires a combined expertise in the cloud, security, regulatory and connectivity technologies.

We can support you with end-to-end connected product development.

  • Consultancy
  • Product development
  • Regulatory compliance support

Connected devices are increasingly used to ease the collection of data and improve patient experience. Some typical settings include clinical trials and remote patient monitoring.

We help create simple-to-commission and zero user action connected care solutions. Getting patient data directly into the cloud with or without the use of a mobile phone or tablet app.

  • Preconfigured end to end solution
  • Managed list of supported devices
  • Secure data collection into the cloud

Leverage the cloud expertise and capabilities of the HealthSuite Digital Platform (HSDP) to connect your devices. Collect, aggregate, store and analyze electronic health data from a variety of sources. Develop and deploy healthcare compliant cloud applications faster and securely, with 24/7 operational support.

Make your vision for innovative, seamless, connected care solutions a reality.

  • Managed cloud infrastructure
  • Platform-as-a-Service (pay per use)
  • Open APIs

How to bring the Internet of Things into your existing device or new device concept?

Would you like to connect your healthcare device to an IoT ecosystem or a cloud ecosystem? When you develop a connected product for the first time, you face many new challenges.

Creating these smart connected products and systems requires digital engineering capabilities beyond traditional hardware and software design and engineering skills. This is where Philips specialized expertise in Electronic Systems & IoT as well as cloud applications can make a difference.

Make use of our extensively tested and validated modules

We have developed the Wi-Fi module reference design: making fast and easy integration of connectivity in your product possible.

The Wi-Fi module reference design is not just hardware. It comes with:

  • Matching software that contains the embedded components
  • Technical product documentation (TPD) for design transfer to manufacturer
  • Factory tooling that allows for automated, secure production of modules for your particular product

Read more on our Wi-Fi module reference design

Wi-Fi reference design development kit

Together we make IoT in healthcare work - Customer cases

Smart devices help Ypsomed measure medication adherence for clinical trials.

Alcon selects Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform to enable its new connected and integrated solution for eye care treatment.

Chipmunk Health chooses Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform to roll out and scale up its telehealth services.

With the Philips Sonicare app you can see where you’re brushing and get real-time guidance on the right pressure and brushing motion.

What do you need to make the IoT in healthcare work?

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Peter van den Bekerom, Business Development Manager, Philips Innovation Services

Peter van den Bekerom
Business Development Manager

Learn more about our general IoT expertise

Today’s cloud ecosystems, together with advances in sensors and other technologies, make it possible to create IoT ecosystems that enable remarkable new interactions in products. Philips Innovation Services also helps you to connect your non-medical product, like entertainment devices and home appliances, to the digital world.

More about the Electronic Systems & IoT

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