What is technical problem solving?

Fixing problems is a significant part of many people’s daily work. In many situations this turns out to be hard and even not effective. Some problems are hard to fix or they pop up again when you thought they were solved. It is impossible to get a tough problem solved by just applying a pre-defined ‘cookbook recipe’. Effective problem solving is about applying the right analysis tools and techniques in the right context. Check this technical problem solving white paper and find out:

  • How understanding the differences between (technical) problems will help you to choose the most effective problem solving approach
  • Why your most favorite problem solving method (like Six Sigma’s DMAIC) might not be the best one for certain cases
  • The most effective methodology for tough, chronic technical problems

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Albert Ponsioen is a seasoned improvement leader with a long background in Industry, passionate about solving chronic problems and delivering effective solutions. Applying technical skills & knowledge in combination with intuition, he is able to take a different view on things and see undiscovered possibilities.

His main area of expertise is in Manufacturing, Quality and Logistics. He has round the world experience executing projects in international multi-cultural settings and different types of Industry. Specialties: Lean Operations, Six Sigma, Statistical & Industrial Engineering.

albert ponsioen

Albert Ponsioen
Quality & Reliability Consultant



1. Technical problems come in a variety of flavors

a) Conformance problems
b) Efficiency problems
c) Unstructured performance problems

2. Paradigms in problem solving

3. Effective approach to solving chronic quality problems

4. The case of the premature drill wear-out


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