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When crisis occurs, our experts in design for reliability at Philips Innovation Services can pinpoint and solve your product quality, yield and reliability issues, fast.

In just one phone call, the right expert for your needs can be on their way to assist your team. Save time, money, and take back control.


Let’s solve your product quality and reliability problems


We have the right expertise to solve your problems

Technical Problem

Extensive root cause and material analysis, and rapid product characterization. Resolving tough or recurring yield or field problems, limiting unnecessary costs & time delays.

PCBA Value Chain Tech Assessment

Get an improvement plan to act on. Signal problems and avoid the cost of poor quality, speed-up idea-to-market time and improve PCBA quality and reliability targets.

Manufacturing Quality Control

Prevent unexpected costs by improving the stability & robustness of your manufacturing processes and resolve product development and quality in manufacturing issues.

Why work with us

When there's no time to waste, we put an expert on a plane or train or car, direct to you.

Including 14 (master) black belts, system (mechanical, electrical, electronics, software), physics of failure, and DHF & DMR experts.

In 2016-2017 we traveled the world and provided remote problem-solving support to over 50 customers.

Quick solutions for product quality issues, during development, production and in the field.

We fix quality and reliability problems, fast

When you are developing, launching or maintaining a product, quality and reliability errors may occur. But what if you encounter a problem that needs to be fixed, fast and you just can‘t seem to solve effectively.

It is effecting your yield, service calls or even causing a product recall. Maybe you do ad hoc and post hoc problem solving. A root cause analysis. A corrective and preventive action…

Let us fix your problems

See how we solve product quality and reliability problems


Paul Baril
Sr. Product Manager

Kirk Novotny
Manufacturing Engineer

Paul van den Kerkhoff
Supplier Quality Management

Frank Bakker
Managing Director

In case of urgent product quality and reliability problems:
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Marc Schoonderwoert
Primary Contact Quality & Reliability Solutions

Drop me a line and I’ll get you in touch with the relevant problem-solving expert for your case.

Design for Reliability services

Do you want to get to know us a bit better? Check out our key area of expertise Design for Reliability Solutions and its services, offering answers to questions like: “How can I cut my time-to-market without compromising compliance? How do I drive down the cost of non-quality end-to-end? How can I avoid costly redesigns late in the process, or yield or field problems. And how can I remain in full control of my global supply chain and avoid supplier lock-in?”

Technical problem solving

How to get your yield & field problems fixed… Permanently

White paper on problem-solving.

Fixing problems is a significant part of many people’s daily work. In many situations this turns out to be hard and even not effective. Some problems are hard to fix or they pop up again when you thought they were solved. It is impossible to get a tough problem solved by just applying a pre-defined ‘cookbook recipe’. Effective problem solving is about applying the right analysis tools and techniques in the right context.


Access white paper technical problem solving


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