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Jeroen de Kempenaer Senior Consultant Innovation Management, Industry consulting, Philips Innovation Services

The next technology leap, how do you do that?

The Dutch industry has proven to be a top player in many areas. Many companies have a worldwide reputation and provide very good technology. Perseverance and hard work got the impossible done. For example laser positioning from Maassluis, welding from Harderwijk, surgical precision from Oostzaan.

But that advantage is dwindling, the market demands new technology. How do you as a company deal with that challenge? Build knowledge yourself? Shop at a research institute? Completely outsource to a partner?

Five lessons from experience and practice on working on that technology leap. What works never, and how do you have a chance? Whether you’re a Philips or 2-man shop; we all want technology leaps.

Jeroen de Kempenaer will share his knowledge on making successful technology leaps at the STEM and PDMA masterclass.

jeroen de kempenaer philips innovation services

Jeroen de Kempenaer

Senior Consultant Innovation Management
Industry consulting, Philips Innovation Services

Date: Thursday, May 18, 2017
Time: 15:00–19:00 CET
Location: Festo – Delft, the Netherlands
Language: Dutch


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