Masterclass on Technical problem solving

How to choose the right approach and tools to solve problems effectively

For whom is this workshop relevant?

This masterclass is ideal for operations, quality & engineering managers, and senior engineers.

Why attend this masterclass

During the masterclass, organized by Philips Innovation Services, Industry consulting, we will discuss the problem with problem solving, and the reasons that problem solving is sometimes difficult and often un-successful.

What we will cover

We will cover different types of technical problems and what approach would be most appropriate to overcome the reasons of ineffectiveness.

Many people, working in the manufacturing industry, are on a daily basis engaged in solving problems in order to fix a variety of nasty issues. These problems come in various flavors: operational, financial, technical, yield or field problems, simple, complex, incidents, chronic problems, and so on. You may have experienced that when you try to cope with these problems that not all problem solving methods are equally effective, or even equally applicable.

Some problem solving methodologies are easy to use and widely applicable but are not suited for tough, long-lasting technical (chronic) problems. Some methods give the problem solver little guidance in how to apply the tools; other methodologies will give more structure in what steps to take and what tools to apply in certain phases of the quest for the root cause. There are methods which are very data-driven (like Six Sigma’s DMAIC); other methods are more qualitatively by nature (like Kepner-Tregoe).

Although there are several fundamental differences between the various methods, we will show that they all share the same basic phases.

In this masterclass you will learn about the hurdles in problem solving, the differences in types of technical problems, about the pros & cons of some well-known methods and how to improve the effectivity of your problem solving activities.

Registration is closed. The masterclass is fully booked. 

Your host

Jo Mooren

Jo Mooren

Kind regards,
Jo Mooren

Philips Innovation Services
High Tech Campus 37, 5656 AE Eindhoven

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When and where

11 May 2017
High Tech Campus Eindhoven, Conference centre The Strip


Technical problem solving masterclass video report


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