Masterclass supply chain strategy realization

Execute your supply chain strategy in 5 steps


For whom is this workshop relevant?

This masterclass is ideal for directors/managers in operations and supply chain.

Why attend this masterclass?

Discover how you can make your supply chain a strategic asset and outperform your competition.

What we will cover

We will show you a 5 step approach that will help you realize an effective supply chain improvement program. Next to this we will show you that change management aspects are crucial to ensure that the different stakeholders that are involved will support and execute your program.
All based on our experience to successfully define and implement supply chain improvements.

infographic supply chain strategy realization

On a daily basis many people are working in the supply chain to help realize the supply chain performance on the aspects like service level, supply chain cost and stock levels. The supply chain performance is strongly influenced by functions like development, manufacturing and sales & marketing, this is also the reason why it is quite complex to successfully define and implement a supply chain improvement program.

(Limited places are available, we recommend you to register quickly)

Your hosts

martin hutten

Martin Hutten

reinier remmelink

Reinier Remmelink


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