International MicroNano conference 2017


International MicroNano conference 2017 | Are you looking for new sustainable competitive advantage?

Are you contemplating the use of MEMS devices in your system in order to create a sustainable competitive advantage? When your current solution just doesn’t seem to do the trick, a custom MEMS might be worthwhile investigating. How feasible would custom MEMS be for you?

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If you want to explore your challenges with our experts, then why not come see us at the International MicroNano conference 2017, Amsterdam?

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Get up-to-date on CMUT technology

Tuesday, December 12 | 12:30
Rob van Schaijk

Capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducers CMUT

Rob van Schaijk, principal architect will share his expertise on how to develop a CMUT platform.

Our CMUTs for Ultrasound and Non-Ultrasound Devices complement conventional technology with advantages such as large bandwidth, easy fabrication of large arrays, and monolithic integration of ASIC functionality. They are available for medium- and high-volume manufacturing.

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MEMS & Micro Devices

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