IMI Europe Digital Printing Conference 2017 | Inkjet market and technology advances

Find out the latest news on the inkjet industry at the IMI Europe Digital Printing Conference 2017.

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From 18-21 September the Digital Printing Conference will take place in Barcelona, Spain. This conference is known as the flagship strategic conference for the inkjet industry. Erwin Hijzen from Philips Innovation Services is invited to hold a lecture.

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erwin hijzen

Erwin Hijzen Program Manager, Philips Innovation Services
(with co-authors Ton Nellissen, Sergei Shulepov)
Thursday, 21 September 2017 | Afternoon session

Capacitive MEMS actuator technology platform for inkjet
At the moment the main MEMS technologies being used in inkjet applications are either thermal or piezo based. A less known actuation technology is capacitive actuation. Within Philips this technology has been developed for application in medical ultrasound transducers. This has resulted in a mature actuation technology, with demonstrated advantages over existing piezo-based solutions. We will explain the basics of the technology, demonstrate its maturity with application examples, and show its potential for application in inkjet heads as an alternative actuation technology. It offers additional advantages, like lower power consumption, easier integration with driver electronics and flexibility in form factor and design.

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