Design of Medical Devices conference | DMD Europe 2017

DMD Europe 2017

Microfabrication for medical devices

Microfabricated devices increasingly find their way to the frontends of medical equipment where they form the interface between the human body and the system.

As co-organizer of the Design of Medical Devices conference we invite you to join us at this special European edition, focussed on building an open infrastructure for microfabrication of medical devices.

Don’t miss the chance to discuss your product ideas with microfabrication experts from all over Europe and take the opportunity to visit the Philips Innovation Services Micro Devices Facility, that is open to third party users.

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mems micro devices

Are you looking for new sustainable competitive advantage?

Are you contemplating the use of MEMS devices in your system in order to create a sustainable competitive advantage? When your current solution just doesn’t seem to do the trick, a custom MEMS might be worthwhile investigating. How feasible would custom MEMS be for you? We design, develop and deliver custom microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and assemble micro devices.

Read more about our pure-play MEMS Foundry   Micro Devices Facility

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