About working together

Central for us when we work together is your satisfaction to the outcome. And how well we succeeded in proving our mission: to accelerate your innovation.

You choose how you want to work with us

  • You can outsource (part of) a development project. Our experienced system architects and project managers will ensure the intended result;
  • You can ask us to provide engineering samples, prototypes or products in a (limited) series e.g. from our pilot factory or MEMS foundry;
  • You can complement your project team with very specific competences.
  • You may require specific (on-site) technology support e.g. to get to the root cause of tough quality problem;
  • You can get support from our industry or technical consultants to help you expand your organization’s innovation or operational excellence capabilities.

How to make the first step?

Our process is designed to ensure confidentiality and your satisfaction on the required outcome, right from the start.

  1. Starting point: your request
  2. Needs assessment: defines what we can do within your parameters
    – Optional: Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
    – Optional: feasibility study
  3. Quotation documents: responsibilities, specifications, deliverables, mile-stones, costs, etc.
  4. Project execution, hand-over of deliverables & invoicing
  5. Project evaluation & satisfaction check

Take the first step

Established facts


  • One contact person: your customer relations manager, taking personal care of your request/need
  • Our commercial and technical staff is used to working with confidential information from various parties
  • Whenever required we use NDA’s
  • Invoices are never a surprise
  • Excellent customer satisfaction

Contact our experts directly

What our customers value

Biocartis – Accelerate the product development processes of the Molecular Diagnostics Platform.

Philips Health Systems – Product reliability is important for us because it affects many elements of our customer experience, e.g. patient care, efficient workflow, and high…

Philips Personal Health – Imagine you have a very thin slice of paper and have to slide that piece of paper into another folded piece of paper and then weld them together…

Océ – For the next generation in the printing process we are developing a fluidic MEMS device…

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