Problem solving

We can help solve tough Q&R problems through effective root cause analysis, material analysis and product characterisation.

Your benefit

Quickly and effectively finding a sustainable solution for any product related problems, either within your operation or in the field, ensuring a minimum delay in your operation or innovation process.
Get your tough or recurring yield or field problems that have large impact on your financial performance and your customer satisfaction, solved with a limited risk for you.

We deliver

Our broad experience has put us in a position where we can leverage on the usage of proven, effective methodologies, analysis tools, technical expertise and physics of failures.
We give you our commitment for confirmed and validated results with no financial risk involved. You can rely on our effective, sound methodological approach and on the technical experts and test & measurement facilities we can utilize when needed.

Our approach

Depending upon your problems and requests we will make use of:

  • A structural approach of solving problems top down, from effect to root cause, based on sound tactics, tools and methods (Shainin-based)
  • A large analytical laboratory and test facilities to investigate failures
  • Training, coaching and problem solving workshops and a flying squad to act all over the world

We organize the activities in three distinct phases (scoping, root cause finding, fixing). After the first and second step we can jointly determine to go on or stop the activities. Based on the assessment during the first phase, which is free of charge, we propose an action plan and a remuneration scenario (when possible on No-Cure-No-Pay basis).


Pareto-driven and fact-based problem solving philosphy

  • The methodology we apply is based on the Shainin methodology. The type of problems we apply the methodology to, can be characterized as:
    A. Chronic, i.e. the organization was not able to tackle the problem.
    B. There is variation: most products are OK, some of them are bad.
    C. Root cause is not obvious: no results with conventional techniques.
  • We approach the problem in a different way, compared to the ‘conventional’ way of problem solving. It comes with an extended set of effective tools (like Multi Vari, Component Search, Paired Comparisons, BvC tests, etc.). The strength of the methodology is in the strategy: Effect to Cause reasoning rather than Cause to Effect reasoning.
  • Its three underlying principles are straight forward: Pareto principle (the 80/20 rule), Fact based decision making and Convergent strategies.
"Thank you for the clear report and the DVDs with data sets. This gives a good basis to start working on our spectrum management database and to learn how to verify and release wireless devices in our medical environments. I liked working with you and the team very much and I am very pleased with the results and the wa...
Rob Kleihorst
System Designer

Jo Mooren
Quality & Reliability Consultant
+31 (0)6 2044 0937

In the spotlight

Solving you tough quality problems effectively and permanently asks for an effective strcuture and the right deduction skills.
We offer you to fix your quality or reliability problems with validated results and no financial risk involved.
Jo’s 15 min video on Q&R problem solving

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