Problem solving

Quickly finding a sustainable solution for any product related problems ensuring a minimum delay in your innovation process. The root cause that has been surfaced with the help of our analysis service is our starting point.

As a result we can deliver solutions that permanently prevent re-occurrence of problems. The problems that we are presented with range from reliability to performance, from material to production and from quality to regulations. Our broad experience has put us in a position where we can leverage on the usage of analysis tools, methods and physics of failures

Our Approach to Problem Solving

Continuous investments in competences and facilities as well as a solid track record in problem solving, are the basis for this service.

Depending upon your problems and requests we will make use of:

  • A large analytical laboratory to measure material and physical parameters
  • Test environment to induce stresses on product to propagate the problem
  • A structural approach of solving problems top down, from effect to root cause, based on statistical tools and methods (Shainin SE)
  • Defining area‘s of improvement and operating boundaries, as base for solutions
  • Training, coaching and problem solving workshops
  • A flying squat to act all over the world

* SE= Statistical Engineering

“Materials Analysis by the Quality & Reliability team in Philips Innovation Services is very helpful to us. On the one hand for quality checks, on the other hand to solve immediate problems such as this welding issue.”
Sjack van der Minnen
Component & Supplier Quality Engineer
Philips Terneuzen

In the spotlight

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As an innovation service provider, we want you to be successful in delivering innovations to the market, where they can matter to your customers and society as a whole.

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