Customer Quotes
“With the Value Network tool, Industry Consulting helped us to clearly identify where we sit in the value chain, who the critical players are, and how we evolve to have a stronger presence. A simple but effective tool in mapping our Value Network.”
Andrew Bower
Senior Consumer Marketing Manager
Mother & Child Care, Philips Consumer Lifestyle
“Working with Philips Innovation Services helps FEI’s project safety engineers with specific questions and audits, gives them access to a wide range of competences and allows them to look at audits from different angles. In case of problems, we can also approach Philips directly for a quick scan and solution, such as recently when we needed to check a suspected contaminated sample we received from a customer. Both FEI and Philips have a very strong dedication to safety, and they add value both reactively and proactively.”
Gerrit van der Beek
VP Corporate Technology
FEI Electron Optics B.V.
“One example of the power of thermal desorption as a product quality control tool is in the field of personal care products. Using the thermal desorption technique that Philips Innovation Services applied, coupled with their interpretation of the results and advice, we were able to tune our cleaning procedure to establish the desired level of surface cleanliness, enabling us to optimize our product quality.”
Sjack van der Minnen
Component Engineer

Philips GTD-Mechanization

On January 1st 2012,  Philips GTD-Mechanization, including all sites in Turnhout, Aachen, Pila and Shanghai, has become part of Philips Innovation Services.

As such, all GTD-M expertise and services regarding innovative manufacturing processes, the development and realization of industrial production equipment and lifecycle services on existing machines, will continue to be offered to the benefit of our valued customers: Making manufacturing work for you …

For further information, please contact the appropriate regional commercial contact person, indicated on the contacts page.