Customer Quotes

"It surprised me how easy it was to work in collaboration with such a large company. We got through to the right people very quickly and though they were a part of a large organisation, they worked with us as a compact, efficient team. When Philips presented the working proof of concept, I was proud of the result and the way it was accomplished. Now it’s up to us to successfully market it!"
Philip Needham
Cardionetics Ltd
"The SRON team has made rapid progress over the past few years, partly through the use of facilities and expertise of Philips Innovation Services”.
Aaldert van Amerongen
Project Leader and Instrument Scientist
SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research
"We immediately spoke to the right person at Philips Innovation Services in the Netherlands. They were kind enough to show us around. We found that they had dedicated an entire building to the testing facility we needed from them. They optimised the design and performed simulations. In our field, groundbreaking innovations mostly come from small companies. It is nice to notice facilities are taking that into account."
Sebastian Schostek
Business Unit Director

Philips GTD-Mechanization

On January 1st 2012,  Philips GTD-Mechanization, including all sites in Turnhout, Aachen, Pila and Shanghai, has become part of Philips Innovation Services.

As such, all GTD-M expertise and services regarding innovative manufacturing processes, the development and realization of industrial production equipment and lifecycle services on existing machines, will continue to be offered to the benefit of our valued customers: Making manufacturing work for you …

For further information, please contact the appropriate regional commercial contact person, indicated on the contacts page.

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