Customer Quotes

“We simply couldn’t do this type of measurement as quickly, easily, flexibly and accurately anywhere else. A huge advantage of working together is the fact that we can easily run new tests every time we make any alterations to our components. This avoids delays which could add up to many weeks. Testing our ultrasound equipment for medical applications has to be carried out to ISO 13485 specifications, for example. Philips Innovations Services measurements are fully logged, so these requirements are covered perfectly.”
Alfons Groenland
Research Scientist Micro Systems and Devices
Philips Research
"We have experienced the Supplier Innovation Day as an ideal platform to interact with our suppliers in an Open Innovation setting. Philips Industry Consulting acted as an integral partner in managing and moderating the ideation processes during this event; not did we only succeed in getting the right deliverables, we performed this together with Industry Consulting as a team."
Ian Rendle
Manager Innovation Sourcing
Philips Supply
“High Tech Campus Eindhoven is where the business and facilities are that we need, such as the cleanrooms of Philips Innovation Services. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are now.”
Sjaak Deckers
CEO and Co-Founder
Sapiens Steering Brain Stimulation BV

Philips GTD-Mechanization

On January 1st 2012,  Philips GTD-Mechanization, including all sites in Turnhout, Aachen, Pila and Shanghai, has become part of Philips Innovation Services.

As such, all GTD-M expertise and services regarding innovative manufacturing processes, the development and realization of industrial production equipment and lifecycle services on existing machines, will continue to be offered to the benefit of our valued customers: Making manufacturing work for you …

For further information, please contact the appropriate regional commercial contact person, indicated on the contacts page.

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