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The challenge was to develop a technology for manufacturing fuel cells that delivered high quality, high precision and high production speeds delivering a key component for the fuel cell drive trai
We operate a 2650 m2 cleanroom of class 100 – 10,000 at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven (the Netherlands); take look…
We are here at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven to help accelerate your innovation in a cost-effective way.
You’re not just hiring an expert or a project team; but the brains, expertise, methods & tools of our total organization 

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The width of competences is exceptional, covering the innovation process from development and engineering to industrialization and supply chain. You can benefit from the mix of expertise you need at every stage of the process.

We have over 90 competences divided over a wide range of competence groups. Find the capabilities you need!

What our customers value

Aquaver - Taking the product installation of Water Treatment System WTS-1000 to the next level in the shortest time possible. 
Biocartis - Accelerate the product development processes of the Molecular Diagnostics Platform.  
Philips Lighting - Not only the luminaire safety problem was solved, also the costs were reduced with a factor 5.  
Philips Healthcare - Our team was strengthened by adding many different skills that resulted in finishing the project faster.